Finding a Form

To search through the available forms,

  1. Choose Tools ® Word Processing ® Form.
  2. Leave the field Form empty.
  3. The field Language is set to your logon language.

  4. Choose Catalog.
  5. A hit list of all forms, whose selection criterion was the field Language, is displayed in alphabetical order. The following information is contained in the hit list:

    – Form name

    – Description

    – Current language key

    – Original language

    – Current status


    No active version


    Current object is active and operational version


    Object is being revised; there is an active and an edited version


    Current object is ready for translation

    – Development class

    To display even more information about a form, choose Form info in the hit list.

    This takes you to a list with comprehensive information about the selected form. Development-related information is displayed as well as definitions contained in the respective form. The list is subdivided into areas.

    – Header data

    – Characters

    – Windows

    – Pages

    – Text elements

    You can print the list. You can search through the list for character strings. You can also download the list to a local file.

  6. Select a form.

Your initial screen appears again, but with the selected form that you can now process further.