Converting the Page Size of a Form

You can convert the page size used in a form. For example, to use SAP standard forms in the USA, you can convert a form from DINA4 to LETTER paper size.

To convert the page size of a form, on the Form: Request screen

  1. Choose Utilities ® Change pages.
  2. Specify the name of the form and the target page size.

Only active forms can be converted.

The conversion function can of course only convert between page formats that are of similar size, such as DINA4 and LETTER.

Make sure that you convert only forms you have copied into the customer naming space (form names beginning with Y or Z). To activate your converted form in the SAP System, you must enter the name of the new form as required in the print program or form specifications in the SAP Customizing System.

The conversion function

The conversion uses the physical dimensions of the paper to check that page windows will fit. Therefore, page windows may extend into the non-printable areas at the edges of a sheet of paper. After converting the page size, you should test print the form to check for this error and for any unwanted formatting changes.