Administration Screen

You use the administration screen in combination with the Design Window to determine the output areas (windows), define the pages, and position the windows on the respective pages.

After opening a form (Create/Change), you use the Administration Data screen to determine the Administration information in the header data and set the Basic settings of the form. In addition to this Administration screen with its page and window data and several editing and display functions, you can call a design window to graphically design the page layout. To call this design window, choose Layout. The system always synchronizes these two windows whenever you execute an action on one of them.

On the administration screen, you edit the different pages and the respective windows in two structured areas. There, the system offers the most important menu functions on pushbuttons.

The Page Area

The Window Area



Corresponds to Form ® Display «Change.

Corresponds to Form ® Check ® Definition. With this function, you can check whether all definitions required in the form exist (default paragraph, page format, and so on).

Corresponds to Form ® Check ® Texts. Use this function to check the individual window texts (text elements). The system checks whether the control commands used are syntactically correct and correctly nested. It also checks whether the paragraph and character formats used are known in the form.

This pushbutton is available only within the Layout.

Corresponds to Form ® Activate. You must activate forms to make them accessible to the corresponding print programs.

Corresponds to Goto ® Header data. Use this function to brach to the form header data.

Corresponds to Goto ® Documentation. Use this function to branch to the documentation of the windows and text elements used in the form.