The Page Area

Select pages

Use the combobox to display all pages defined and to directly select one. Choose Start page, Next page, Overview (for more information, see Pages).

Create pages

To create individual pages, choose Edit ® Page ® Create. The system automatically assigns a default name and creates a main window. To rename the page, choose Edit ® Page ® Rename....

Copy pages

To create a page, you can also use the copy function (choose Edit ® Page ® Copy). The system copies all windows including the respective text elements and assigns a default name.

Delete pages

To delete individual pages, choose Edit ® Page ® Delete.

Page sequence

To display the current page sequence, choose Overview.

Page attributes

To change the next page and the meaning of the page, choose Other attributes.

Here, you can determine the numbering and the page counter mode. You can set print attributes such as ressource name and print mode for the respective page.