The Window Area

Select windows

Use the combobox to display a list of all windows on the current page. To switch to another window, select the window from the combobox or click on the window in the design window (for more information, see Windows).

Create windows

To create new windows, choose Create. By default, the system creates a variable window (type VAR) and assigns a default name. To rename the window, choose Edit ® Window ® Rename. If you want to choose which type of window to create, you must use the function from the menu bar instead of the pushbutton to create the window.

To create a main window, you must choose Edit ® Windows ® Create ® Main window.

Change window type

To change the type of a window (main, var), choose Edit ® Windows ® Change type.

Delete windows

To delete individual windows on the current page, choose Edit ® Window ® Delete. If the window does not appear on any other page, the system deletes it completely.

Cut windows

To remove individual windows from the current page, choose Cut. The system stores the object in the clipboard. To insert the object on any page of the form, choose Paste. The clipboard stores the text elements, the window size, and the position.

Copy windows

To copy individual windows into the clipboard, choose Edit ® Window ® Copy. To insert them on any page, choose Edit ® Windows ® Paste. The system copies all windows including their text elements, sizes, and positions.

Paste windows

When pasting a window, the system keeps the name of the window unless the window already exists on this page. If the window already exists on the current page, the system assigns a default name.

Align windows with the grid

To align all windows positioned on one page automatically with the closest grid tab, choose Align to grid.

Edit windows

To edit the text elements of the windows, choose Text. The system branches to the line editor or to the WYSIWYG PC editor, depending on the setting (SO10). Within the editor, you can switch between these two editors by choosing Goto ® Change editor. To edit the text elements, choose Edit ® Text elements.

Main window: A main window must always have the same width on all pages (unlike the variable window). If you change the width of the main window, the system executes this change on all pages.