Comparing Client Contents

Choose Compare clients

You can mark single objects for a comparison, or generate comparisons of a whole set of objects.

A comparison covers only the attributes and, if applicable, the formal definition of an object. A comparison does not extend to the text level of an object. A comparison can highlight differences in the author of an object or the formats used in a style or form. But a comparison cannot detect differences in standard texts nor in the texts used in forms.

To compare clients,

  1. Choose Tools ® Word processing and then ® Standard text, ® Styles, or ® Forms, depending upon the type of object you want to compare. Then choose Utilities ® Compare clients.
  2. This takes you to the selection screen for determining which objects you wish to compare.

  3. Make the following entries:
  4. Name

    Enter the name of the standard text, style, or form for which the check is to be carried out. You can enter a generic name such as ST* or *.


    Enter the appropriate language key.

    Text ID

    Enter the text ID (type) of the text(s) you have selected. (This selection appears only if you are comparing standard texts.)

    Source client

    Specify the client, on the basis of which you want the check to be carried out. By default, this is client 000.

    Target client

    Specify the client You want to check against the source client. By default, this is the client in which you are currently active.

  5. Execute the client comparison.

When the comparison is completed, the system displays a list with the source client in the left-hand column and the target client in the right-hand column. An empty line in either column indicates that the object does not exist in the corresponding client.

Click on an object in the list to display detailed comparison information. The list highlights attributes that differ. It also hightlights differences between the contents of the objects. For example, differences in the character and paragraph styles in two forms of the same name are highlighted.

Choose Info to display detailed information on one of the objects in the comparison list, without reference to the comparison object.