Transporting Documents, Styles, and Forms

SAPscript offers both a connection to the SAP System’s Workbench Organizer (transport system) and also interactive tools for moving documents, styles, and forms.

As of Release 3.0A, the SAP transport system is fully activated for SAPscript styles and forms. That is, styles and forms that you create or modify are correctly transported from your development client. Imports into a target system are by default always into client 000. From there, SAPscript styles and forms are available in all clients of a target system.

This means that you no longer need to use the interactive reports to transport your styles and forms. Instead, you can rely on the Workbench Organizer for managing and moving your SAPscript objects. The interactive transport reports are still documented in this section, should you need them.

Transport and Languages

As of Release 3.0, both the Workbench Organizer and SAPscript’s interactive transport tools use the SAP "language vector" to determine which languages may be imported or exported.

The language vector is the set of languages that are installed in an SAP System. The language vector is determined by the languages recorded in the SAP profile parameter zcsa/installed_languages.

Under the new mechanism, only documents, styles, and forms whose source language is contained in the language vector can be imported or exported. If the source language of a SAPscript object is not found in the language vector, then the Workbench Organizer issues an warning message (return code 4). The object is not exported from or imported into the affected SAP System.

You can override the language vector in the SAPscript online transport reports, RSTXR3TR and RSTXSCRP. For more information, see the report documentation on these two reports.

Transport and Standard Texts

The SAPscript editor is used for text processing in various SAP applications. For example, you can access SAPscript directly for editing texts by way of Tools ® Text processing ® Standard texts. SAPscript is also used in the development environment for creating documentation and can be used in the SAP mail system.

All texts that you create with SAPscript are transportable. However, SAPscript is not connected to the SAP Workbench Organizer in all of the applications that use SAPscript’s services.

If you are working on texts that you wish to transport, then follow these guidelines:

If you wish to transport your document, then you can do so by entering the document by hand in a transport request in the Workbench Organizer. The entry that you need to make is:

PgmID Obj Object name


You can then follow normal organizer procedures to transport your document.