Explicit Page Break: NEW-PAGE

SAPscript automatically inserts a page break when the main window of a page (MAIN) is full. You can use the NEW-PAGE command to force a page break in the text at any point you want one. The text following this command then appears on a new page. The page break is always performed (it is an unconditional page break).

The NEW-PAGE command completes the current page. This means that all the windows that are still on the page are printed immediately. If you use the NEW-PAGE command without parameters, the page defined in the current form as the next page will be taken next. If, however, your form contains a number of different pages, then you can specify any one of these as the next page to be used.


/: NEW-PAGE [page_name]


The current page will be completed and the text in the following lines will be written to the page specified in the form.


As above, except that the page S1 will be taken as the next page.