Inserting Print Controls: PRINT-CONTROL

You can use this command to call certain printer functions from a SAPscript text. Although you cannot enter control characters for the printer directly in your text, you can define a print control via the spool maintenance transaction SPAD that contains the printer commands you want. You can then call a print control using the PRINT-CONTROL SAPscript command.



Specify the name of the print control either with or without inverted commas.

The print control printed via PRINT-CONTROL should always be a print control created in the customer name area (Zxxx) for the device type used. Use no Sxxx print controls, since their contents may be changed by SAP at any time with a release or driver modification. To modify SAP device types, refer to Note 3166.

The printer commands in the print control must never effect the current printer settings, since the SAPscript printer driver has no information on any changes triggered by a print control, which would have to be undone by commands of the driver itself. The printer driver assumes that the print control has no effect on any texts or graphics printed afterwards.

Never use PRINT-CONTROL to control print attributes covered by the SAPscript driver. To change such print attributes, use the usual method of defining form and style and the device type accordingly.

After executing a PRINT-CONTROL command, SAPscript inserts a space character at the start of the next text line. If you do not want this, you should give this text line the '=' paragraph format.