Country-Dependent Formatting

Certain fields are formatted specific to a particular country. These include fields for displaying a date and numeric fields containing either a decimal point or a ‘thousands’ separator character. The formatting applied is usually determined by the definitions contained in the user master record. You can use the SET COUNTRY control command to choose a different formatting operation. The various country-dependent formatting options are stored in table T005X.


/: SET COUNTRY country_key

You can specify this country key either by quoting it directly enclosed in inverted commas or by using a symbol.


You can revert to the settings of the user master record by using the SET COUNTRY control command again with an empty country name.


When SAPscript encounters this command it calls the corresponding ABAP command internally. The effect of the SAPscript command is thus identical with that of the ABAP command.

If the formatting turns out other than expected, check the settings in table T005X.