Data is Missing, or Field Contents or Includes are not Printed

In your printout, one of the following errors occurs:

Do the following to localize the error:

If you can display such data, then the problem is in the printer setup, either in the SAP spool system or in your host PC or workstation. Otherwise, the problem is in the print program or form.

You can check this by running the print program in the ABAP debugger. Note that SAPscript can read fields only if they are declared with the ABAP TABLES statement.

The name of the print program must be in the ITCPO-TDPROGRAM parameter (OPTIONS parameter) of the call to the OPEN_FORM function module in the print program. Otherwise SAPscript cannot "find" the data fields. The default is to search in the active main program.

/: INCLUDE <name> OBJECT <object> ID <id> LANGUAGE <l>

Both the name of the text and the language are usually set with variables whose values are not known until runtime. Does the INCLUDE text actually exist in the current client in the language that is requested?

Then you can test the text element by inserting a few literal characters as ‘hard text’ into the text element.

Activate the form and start the print run again. If the new characters are printed, then the print program calls the text element. The cause of the problem therefore lies in the INCLUDE parameters.

If the new characters are not printed, then either of the following errors is likely to have occurred: