Creating a Deduction Made at Intervals that Differ from the Employee’s Payroll Period


When a deduction needs to be made from an employee’s paycheck at intervals which differ from the intervals at which the employee is paid, you need to create a Recurring Payments and Deductions (Infotype 0014) record for them.


  1. Choose Human resources ® Personnel admin. ® Maintain master data.
  2. The Maintain HR Master Data screen appears.

  3. Enter the employee’s personnel number.
  4. If you do not know the employee number, use the matchcode function to find it.

  5. Select the Recurring Payments and Deductions (Infotype 0014) record by entering the name or number in the Infotype field.
  6. Choose Create.
  7. Enter the validity period of the deduction.
  8. Select the number of the wage type that represents the deduction.
  9. Use the matchcode function to find a number you do not know.

  10. Enter the (monetary) amount to be deducted or the number and type of units of the deduction.
  11. The Number/unit fields may only be used for wage types that have been set up to deduct per unit. This will have been done using the Payroll Implementation Guide, Environment for Maintaining Wage Types section.

  12. Enter an assignment number if required.
  13. Enter the date of the first payment in the First payment date field.
  14. The payroll will make the first payment in the payroll period in which this date falls.

  15. In the Interval field, enter the interval number and unit, 6 weeks for instance.
  16. The payroll will calculate the intervals from the First payment date. Each time the interval falls in a payroll period a deduction will be made.

  17. Save your entries.


The deduction will be made automatically from the employee's paycheck at the correct interval.