Special Features of Multilevel Forwarding

The options for setting transport routes were expanded.

Up till now only recipient systems could be defined for consolidation systems. A transport route could therefore only have two stages:

  1. Development system ® Quality assurance system
  2. Quality assurance system ® Production system

The first stage is the consolidation route, the second the delivery route.

As of Release 4.0, there is multilevel forwarding. This allows you to define recipient systems for recipient systems.

The transport control program tp implements this function.

tp also allows multilevel forwarding in Release 3.1G. But because 3.1G is compatible with 3.0C, this function was deactivated in 3.1G.

If you would like to use "multilevel forwarding" although your R/3 System has a Release prior to 4.0A, you must note the following points: