Maintain Authorizations

This IMG activity describes the standard authorization objects for individual functions in the Activity-Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC)

You can assign individual objects to the activities that a user may carry out for the corresponding authorization object.

Authorization objects

The following authorization objects are defined for Activity Based Costing:

Functions for... Authorization object

Master data:


Specific CO-ABC Configurations:
For object K_VRGNG, the following authorizations are defined for differentiation of periodic and manual processing:

The ALL authorization applies to all the authorization objects. These are combined in the profile K_ABC_ALL.

The general authorization object for business processes, K_ABC , also allows the assignment of authorizations for authorization areas covering one or more buisiness processes or hierarchy areas.

Periodic Allocations:

You can carry out authorization checks for assessment and indirect activity allocation via extensions. The following extension components are available:

For more information, see the documentation for extensions.


For more information on the object classes, select the object class "Controlling" and the corresponding authorization object and choose "Documentation". Examples of the authorizations are included.
General controlling authorization objects are found in the object class "Basis - Administration".

Standard Settings

In the standard SAP R/3 System, authorizations are provided for all authorization objects in the application.

You will find both maintenance authorizations and display authorizations for authorization objects.

The standard authorizations apply to all organization units.


1. Check whether the authorizations that come with the standard SAP R/3 System cover your needs:
a) Choose the object class of the application.
A list of the authorization objects in this class is now displayed.
b) Choose an object.
A list of the authorizations for this object is now displayed.
2. If necessary, create new authorizations as described below:
a) Select Authorization -> Create.
b) Enter the authorization and a short text.
c) Maintain the values of each field one by one.
d) Save your entries.
e) Activate the new authorization.


In Release 3.1G, a new function "Profile generator" lets you create authorizations and profiles for your user.

This function makes it much easier for you to customize your authorizations. You should use this function if you are working in a new installation.

The individual configuration steps for the profile generator are described in Customizing under "Basis Components -> System Administration -> Users and Authorizations -> Maintain authorizations and profiles using profile generator".

Note on transport

You transport authorizations as follows:

1. Display the list of authorizations.
2. Select the object class.
3. Choose "Authorization - Transport".
4. Select the authorizations you wish to transport.
5. Confirm your selections and enter the correction number.

Additional Information