Maintain Profiles

A profile contains authorizations for a given task area. A composite profile contains several profiles. With the aid of profiles and composite profiles you can structure authorizations.

When you enter a profile or composite profile in the user master data, the user receives all the authorizations therein.

In this IMG activity you can check whether the standard R/3 System settings meet your requirements and, if necessary, you can define new profiles.


Define authorizations that meet your requirements.

Default Settings

The standard R/3 System includes profiles for several typical work areas, such as:

All authorizations for the SAP R/3 System
All authorizations for new authorization objects
All authorizations for Activity-Based Costing


1. Check whether the standard profiles meet your requirements.
2. If necessary, create new profiles:
a) Enter the name of the desired profile by choosing "Maintain users -> Authorizations -> Profiles".
This can be an existing profile or a new profile.
b) Choose "Generate work area".
c) Determine whether this will be an single or a composite profile by choosing "Create".
d) Enter a short text.
Keep the naming standards in mind as you work.
e) Enter the authorizations for your profile:
The list of object classes appears. Use this list to select the necessary authorizations. Proceed as described in the IMG activity Authorizations.
f) Save your profile.
g) Activate your profile.
3. Check whether the profile is complete( that is, whether all users can carry out the desired activities).

Note on transport

You transport profiles as follows:

1. Display the profiles list.
2. Choose "Profile - Transport".
3. Select the profiles you wish to transport.
4. Confirm your selections and enter the correction number.