Activate Activity-Based Costing in Controlling Area

In this IMG activity you activate Activity-Based Costing using the indicator in the Controlling area.

You can use the indicators to activate or deactivate specific Controlling subfunctions related to the fiscal year.

The indicators are valid from the selected fiscal year. They are valid to the fiscal year for which you maintain the new indicator.


Complete the IMG activity

Maintain Controlling Area.


1. Select the controlling area in which you want to activate Activity-Based Costing.
2. Choose "Activate component/Control indicator".
3. Activate Activity-Based Costing.

Notes for transport

To transport controlling area settings, see the IMG activity under "Controlling: General".

Further notes

For more information on how to activate subcomponents in the controlling area, see the R/3 Library under "Controlling -> Introduction to Overhead Cost Controlling -> General System Administration: Overhead Cost Controlling -> Controlling Application Component Organization -> Reflecting the Organizational Structure in Controlling -> Activate Sub-Components"