Maintain Standard Hierarchy for Controlling Area

In this IMG activity you assign the highest node of a standard hierarchy of business processes to a area.

The standard hierarchy of business processes displays the organizational grouping of business processes and serves moreover as a foundation for evaluations. When creating business processes during master data maintainence for the application menus, you must assign these to a previously defined profit center group.

In the event that a standard hierarchy is not yet available during the maintainance of assignments to a controlling area, the R/3 System will create the highest node.

You can set up the structure of the standard hierarchy by defining the business process groups in Customizing as well as in the application menus.

Direct assignment to the controlling area guarantees that all business processes of a controlling area are included in the standard hierarchy.


Complete the IMG activity

Maintain Controlling Area.


Assign your standard hierarchy to the controlling area by taking the following steps.

1. Find the controlling area in the list.
2. Enter the desired standard hierarchy of business processes for your controlling area.
3. Save your entries.

Note on transport

To transport controlling area settings, see the IMG activity under "Controlling: General".