Maintain Standard Hierarchy of Business Processes

In this IMG activity you maintain the corresponding standard hierarchy for your controlling area.

You can create a new hierarchy or change an existing one.


If the hierarchy consists only of the highest node, you cannot assign new business processes to the hierarchy. You must first create further nodes on a subordinate hierarchy level.

Remember that group names for cost centers, cost elements, activity types, statistical key figures, orders, business processes, and cost objects must be unique for a client. You may use each name only once.

Note on Group Names

Complete the IMG activity

Maintain controlling area.


Structure the processes in your organization and use it to derive the business processes and the business process structures.

Maintain the standard hierarchy with the group maintenance functions.

1. Place the cursor on the node to which you want to attach a group and use the function "Insert group".
2. Enter a name and an explanatory text for the new node.
3. Use one of the following functions:

Notes on Standard Hierarchy Maintenance

Further notes

If you require alternative hierarchies in addition to the standard hierarchy, create them in the IMG activity "Maintain Business Process Groups".

Note on transport

For the transport of settings for Activity Based Costing, an individual function is available in the IMG for "General Controlling".