Define List Variants for Group Processing

In this IMG activity you create variants for organizing lists in group processing of business processes.

You can determine which fields appear in which order for the individual business processes.

Standard settings

The standard R/3 System includes the following list variants:

You cannot change these variants. The R/3 System offers these variants and any variants defined by you when you choose "Possible entries".


1. Check whether the standard variants satistfy your requirements.
2. If necessary, create new list variants:
a) Choose "Create".
b) Enter a key and a name for the variant and determine how many rows appear per business process.
c) Select the fields you require from the list of possible fields displayed by the R/3 System.
Note that the fields "Marking" and "Business process" are mandatory.
d) Change the offset to adjust the spacing between the fields in a row.
e) Save your entries and activate the new list variant.

Further notes

Ensure in IMG activity

Maintain Controlling Area that cost accounting is active for the list variant objects during the relevant fiscal year.