Maintain Structured Processes

A structured process is a business process with a process template assigned in the master data. You define the allocation relationships and structure of the business process in the process template.

A structured process shows a transaction-oriented process flow within an organization, which can consist of subprocesses, activity relationships, and tasks. The process flow corresponds to the allocation relationships for activities produced by subprocesses or cost centers, claimed by tasks. Tasks represent the lowest level of the business process breakdown, but do not result in costs. They are recorded in Controlling though the activity type assigned to a cost center.

Structured processes determine and represent the different relationships of business processes to one another as well as to cost center activities, demonstrating the relationships, cost flows, and activity quantity flows for a given business process.


Structured processes can consist of several subprocesses, which in turn can be broken down into further subprocesses. These can claim the activities of cost centers directly as tasks.


Before you create a structured process, you must create a process template that stores cost center activities, subprocesses, or other process templates. In addition to the business process relationships, you can also save the cost center activities produced for the structured process or its subprocesses.

To create a structured process, assign an existing process template to the business process master data.

When you specify the structure and allocation relationships in the process template and the link to the business process, you determine the overall structure of the structured process.

Standard settings

The standard R/3 System structured processes use use the sample process template from the SBP environment.


You must make a hierarchical subdividion of the allocation relationshipsin structured processes. Be sure there are no closed loops, as these will result in the termination of the allocation calculations.


Create a process template for structured business processes and assign this to the master record of the business process you have selected.

Further notes

For more information, see the R/3 Library under "Controlling -> Activity-Based Costing -> Process Template" and "Structured Processes".