Define Search Aids for Business Processes

In this IMG activity you can revise or redefine the existing search_help for business processes.


Maintaining search help requires technical knowledge of the ABAP dictionary. Leave search help maintenance to your system administrator.

Note that a large number of search helps can adversely affect system performance. Check whether you want to use search helps in your work area. You can deactivate any search helps you do not use.

Search helps are created across clients.


Before you edit search help, read the R/3 Library under "Basis Components -> ABAP/4 Development Workbench -> ABAP/4 Dictionary -> Search Help".

This section tells you how search help is structured in the R/3 System and how you can create a search help in the ABAP Dictionary.

Standard settings

The standard R/3 System includes the following search helps


1. Check whether the standard search helps meet your requirements.
2. If necessary, change existing search help objects or create new search helps.