Maintain Versions

In this IMG activity you make settings for versions.

You can use versions in Controlling to create independent data groupings in planning and in actual.

Versions in planning display alternative plan scenarios based on different planning assumptions. For example, you can illustrate varying employment markets, price and wage increases, or sales programs in different versions with differing parameters.

The data for the most likely version in planning normally appears in version 000. The plan data you enter here forms the basis for calculating plan prices for activity types and determines the rates by which you allocate activities in actual. Version 000 also holds all actual data postings. The plan and actual data for version 000 serves in plan/actual comparisons and in variance analysis.

You make settings for version maintenance on a hierarchical basis.

In this IMG activity you make the following settings:

1. Controlling area settings
2. Fiscal year settings


Complete the IMG step

Maintain Controlling Area.

Complete the IMG step

Maintain Versions.

Standard Settings

When you create a controlling area, the R/3 System automatically creates version 000, valid for five fiscal years. The first fiscal year depends on the control indicator you set when you created the controlling area:


1. To assign versions to authorization groups, define the groups first. These groups determine which users can maintain which versions. To assign authorizations, use authorization object "Controlling: Version" (K_KA09_KVS).
2. Make the version settings in the current controlling area. To switch to another controlling area, choose "Extras -> Set controlling area ...".
3. Change an existing version to satisfy your requirements.
a) Enter a key and a name.
b) Determine whether to record plan and/or actual data. Activate the corresponding indicator.
You cannot activate the "Record actual data" indicator for version 001.
c) If necessary, enter an authorization group.
d) To create a delta version in the Activity-Based Costing component, enter a valid version as the reference version.
4. Maintain the fiscal-year-dependent version parameters.
5. If you use a delta version in Activity-Based Costing, use "Transactions from reference version" to determine which transactions the R/3 System reads from the reference. The system does not execute these transactions in the delta version, but transfers the values from the reference instead.

Note on transport

To transport versions, see the IMG under "Controlling: General".

Further notes

For more information, see: