Maintain Planning Layouts for Bus. Process Quantities/Prices

In this IMG activity you define or change planning layouts for quantities and prices for business processes.


In the standard SAP System, planning layouts are found only in client 000. To use them as models for user-defined planning layouts, they must be taken from client 000 and imported to your production client. Use the IMG "Controlling: General" under the section "Prepare Production Startup -> Transport System Settings -> Transport Planning Settings -> Import standard planning layouts".


After installing a new release or update, you should repeat the import of standard planning layouts from client 000 in order to access the latest layouts.


1. Based on your requirements, create planning layouts for planning quantities and processes for your business processes.
2. Change an existing planning layout if necessary.

Further notes

Procedure for Creating Planning Layouts

Note on transport

To transport planning layouts, see the transport function in the IMG activity under "Controlling: General".