Transfer Scheduled Activities from PP

In Production Planning, you create preliminary plans based on the capacity of the individual work centers.

As business processes are not related to work centers or work scheduling, you can only calculate your scheduled output using the process template. In this IMG activity you specify the parameter at controlling area level for a version and a fiscal year, which control the transfer of the scheduled activity for the business process:

To calculate the activity requirements for the individual business process, the production quantities created in preliminary planning are scheduled and evaluated via the correspondingly assigned process template.
This indicator controls whether data should be transferred from production planning into Activity-Based Costing.
To calculate the activity requirement for the individual business processes, the planned orders for in-house production created in long-term- or in Requirements planning are also scheduled and evaluated via the correspondingly assigned process template.
To transfer data from long-term planning, you must enter a planning scenario. The planning scenario controls, for example, for which plant the planning is performed, as well as the planning period.


1. Decide whether you want to transfer activity quantities from sales-/ preliminary or long-term planning.
2. Activate the corresponding indicator.
3. If you transfer data from long-term planning, you also enter a planning scenario.
4. If you want to transfer data from preliminary planning, enter a plan version from production planning.

Notes for Transport

To Transport the parameter for the transfer of schduled activities from PP, see the function "Transport settings for Activity-Based Costing" in the Implementation Guide section "Controlling: General". You can use this to transport the necessary process template.