Determine Assessment Receiver Category (Business Processes)

In this step you change field attributes in assessment. You determine which table fields for assessment are active and whether the fields are ready for entry in the cycles as single values, intervals, or groups.

The control option is controlling-area-dependent and is divided into plan and actual data.



Complete the step

Maintain controlling area in the Implementation Guide under "Controlling: General -> Organization".

Standard settings

Standard values are defaulted first as active indicators as well as single values, intervals, or groups for entry-readiness. In order to ensure overall data consistency, not all the standard values can be changed.


Change the field attributes of an assessment as follows:

1. Choose the controlling area for which you want to change the field characteristics by entering the CO area in the dialog window offered. Ifthe dialog window does not appear, you can change the CO area in the menu Extras -> Set CO area.
2. Mark the rows from the list of fields offered for which you want to maintain field characteristics.
3. Depending on the field selected, one or more of the following maintenance options are offered in the detailed screen:
a) Field characteristics in cycle
b) Field characteristics in cycle sender control
c) Field characteristics as sender
d) Field characteristics as sender tracing factor
e) Field characteristics as receiver
f) Field characteristics as receiver tracing factor
4. In the detailled screen, maintain the following table fields:
a) Active indicator
b) Entry-ready as single value
c) Entry-ready as interval
d) Entry-ready as group
5. To reverse changes you have made in field characteristics, you can use the function "Get standard values" in the detailled screen to retrieve the original standard values for a table field.
6. Save your modifications before leaving the transaction.

Note on transport

To transport assessment attributes manually, choose "Table view -> Transport".