Maintain Indirect Activity Allocation

In this IMG activity you define rules for indirect activity allocation in the form of cycles.

In indirect activity allocation you define the use of sender activities (cost center/activity type) from the point of view of the activity receiver by means of tracing factors.

You define tracing factors as in assessment or distribution.


To create a cycle for indirect activity allocation:

1. Define a name for the cycle.
2. Define a time as of which the cycle will be valid.
3. Maintain the header data for the cycle:
a) An explanatory text
b) The time to which the cycle should be valid
c) Whether to scale negative tracing factors
4. Define segments for the cycle by entering:
a) A name and a text for each segment
b) Sender values
c) Tracing factor
d) Selection criteria (sender and receiver objects)
e) If necessary, attributes of the receiver business process(es)
5. Save the cycle.

Further notes

Conceptual Information on Indirect Activity Allocation

Note on transport

For the transport of settings for Activity Based Costing, an individual function is available in the IMG for "General Controlling".