Define Screen Variants for Statistical Key Figures

In this step you create screen variants to define the template for creating figures.

You can define which fields are displayed in the list screen and which fields will accept input in the detail screen for this list screen.

Standard configuration

The standard system contains predefined screen variants for creating statistical bases for characterizing the following objects:

You cannot change these screen variants.


1. Decide which objects you want to create statistical key figures for.
2. Decide which fields you want to display on the list screen.
3. Create new screen variants if necessary.
Proceed as follows:
a) Select Variant -> New variant -> Create.
b) Enter a key for the screen variant.
c) Enter a short text.
d) Enter the number of the lines in which you want to enter data for a line item.
The required entry fields for entering statistical key figures are placed in the first line by default.
e) Select the fields to be displayed in the entry screen from the list of possible fields.
f) You can change the offset in order to change the position of the fields within a line.
g) Activate the screen variant.

Further notes

You should also check the settings in the step Define controlling area to make sure that costing is active for the objects in the screen variant in the corresponding fiscal year, such as:


There is a separate function for the transport of screen variants in the Implementation Guide under "Controlling general."