Maintain Statistical Key Figure Link with LIS

In this IMG activity you create a link between a statistical key figure in the Activity-Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC) and the corresponding key figure in the Logistics Information System (LIS).

For example, statistical key figure REPOS can indicate the number of calculation items automatically updated in the LIS.

You can activate the interface in the statistical key figure's master data in the Activity-Based Costing component. This ensures the requirement for later automatic transfer of LIS key figures to the Cost Center Accounting component (CO-OM-CCA).

To find key figures in the LIS, two methods are available:

Info-structures are database tables administered by the SAP System and automatically updated with the different LIS key figures from a particular area or application.
Info-sets also serve to divide the LIS key figures. Here, however, even finer differentiation can take place.

Info-structures and info-sets are defined within Logistics Controlling.

Complete the step

Maintain Controlling Area.


1. Enter the statistical key figure for which you want to create a link to the LIS.
2. Choose the pushbutton "Link LIS".
3. Decide whether to use info-structures or info-sets in the search for the key figure in the LIS.
4. Find the desired key figure in the LIS.
a) The search via info-structures takes place through the choice of application and info-structure.
b) The serarch via info-sets takes place through the continuing choice of info-sets.
5. The information on the corresponding LIS key figure are displayed in the statistical key figure basic screen.

Note on transport

To transport statistical key figures, see the IMG activity under "Controlling: Genreral".