Maintain Business Process / Key Figure Assignment

In this IMG activity you assign one or more statistical key figures to a business process. The R/3 System automatically supplies the key figures with values if you arrange for statistical key figure transfer to the Activity-Based Costing component (CO-OM-ABC) from the Logistics Information System (LIS).

With this function you can define automatic entry of plan and actual data for statistical key figures for this object. In planning, you can overwrite values transferred from the LIS.


You define the key figure ORDER and link it with the LIS key figure NPOIT "Number of purchase order items".

You assign ORDER to one or more business processes by using an existing variant or by creating a new one. To limit the data selection for the key figure, enter the corresponding selection criteria in the characteristic values for the variant.



1. Assign one or more statistical key figures to the affected business process by entering a version and the fiscal year.
2. You must enter a variant for each key figure if you want to limit data selection for the key figure.
If you do not enter a variant in the characteristic values, the R/3 System selects all the key figure data from the LIS database.
3. Save your entries.

Note on transport

For the transport of settings for Activity Based Costing, an individual function is available in the IMG for "General Controlling".