Change Basic Settings for Price Calculation

In this step you can maintain the following SAP default control parameters for price calculation.

Controls report generation for iterative price calculation.
Before running activity price calculation, the R/3 System generates the corresponding report on the execution. The number of entries in the associated internal tables is generated, as well as the parallel processing of field groups.
By entering realistic figures during performance problems, the storage capacities and runtimes can be improved significantly.
Because generation also requires some time, you should activate this indicator only for very large processing runs when problems occur. If the indicator is active, entering numbers in the fields mentioned above can be left aside.
The number of entries in the internal tables is also set if the generation indicator is activated itself.
The number of entries in the internal tables is also set if the generation indicator is activated itself.
The number of entries in the internal tables is also set if the generation indicator is activated itself.
To achieve more accurate results, the price unit can be set. The activity price is thereafter not based on units of 1, but on units of 10, 100, 1000, or 10000. If the activity price per unit is already relatively high, but you nevertheless want greater accuracy for your prices, this results in even higher values. With the number of significant digits, you can limit this development. The moving of digits takes place until the number of significant digits is reached.
If the price per unit is 1033,33333333, and the significant digit number was set to 6, the price unit remains 1 and the price 1033,33. For 12 significant digits, the unit would be 10000 and the price 10.333.333,3333.
Deactivates the significant digit settings mentioned in the previous point. If this is chosen, the price unit is 1.
Activity planning should be reconciled when price calculation is called up. The plan activity of the activity type should equal the scheduled receiver activity quantity. Only in this way will a sensible price be determined. All activity types are checked for reconciliation and, if necessary, issues warnings or error messages.
Due to planning rounding differences, especially in period distribution, minimal variances may occur nevertheless.
Enter the percentage by which plan activity may vary from scheduled activity.
Indicator for posting of price calculation results even if errors occur.
Exceptions are serious system errors resulting in program termination and errors occurring in update preparation (such as integration or document assignment problems).
Normally, errors prevent update booking of postings. In online processing, the update can be repeated from the results list. In background processing, this is not the case.

Standard setting

Use the function "Set standard" to set the parameter values defaulted by the R/3 System.


SAP recommends using the standard settings unchanged.

Changing settings to meet the requirements of your organization is useful only if your results vary greatly from the SAP default values.

The changes in generation factors can worsen the runtimes of price calculation.


Maintain the settings for price calculation according to your requirements.

Note on transport

To transport basic settings for price calculations, see the IMG under "Controlling: General".