Maintain Variance Variant

In this IMG activity you define the variant determining the variance categories to be calculated.

You can calculate the following variance categories:

Input Side Variance:

Output Side Variance:

The R/3 System calculates variances for all categories chosen.

You define the variance variant in the target version of each controlling area.

Default settings

The standard R/3 System includes default variance variant 001.


Check whether the standard variance variant meets your requirements. If you require a new variance variant:

1. Choose New entries and enter a key and a corresponding short text for the new variance variant.
2. Select the corresponding variance categories.
3. Save the variance variant.

Note on transport

To transport variants, choose "Table view -> Transport".

Further notes

For more information and examples, see the R/3 Library under "Controlling -> Cost Center Accounting -> Actual Postings and Allocations -> Period-End Closing -> Variance Calculation -> Variance Categories".