Maintain Summarization

In this IMG activity you define one or more optional summarizations of cost center transaction data.

In summarization, transaction data in a controlling area is compromised on the cost center group level. The summarized cost center group data is updated as an additional data group in the totals records tables.

Summarization makes totals records available for Report Writer reports. This significantly shortens report runtimes for each summarization level reached, in comparison to using totals records according to subordinate cost centers.

User-defined reports must be created for evaluation. Sample reports can be found in library 1RU.

When executing summarization, the R/3 System summarizes data for the cost center groups entered or for a subordinate area. As cost center group, the highest standard hierarchy node can be selected, or the highest node of an alternative hierarchy. The hierarchy areas are summarized in steps from bottom to top. Due to technical reasons, each node must be assigned a representative cost center in master data maintenance.



Decide carefully whether you want to create an extract of report data or execute a summarization. Summarization generates far more additional data than creating an extract does.


1. Define the necessary cost center standard hierarchies from a Controllingstandpoint, if these do not yet exist.
2. Create cost centers to use as representative cost centers, if these do not yet exist.
Lock the representative cost centers against manual postings.
An organizational simplification results if you name the cost centers similarly to the cost center groups.
3. In cost center group maintenance or in report information for the standard hierarchy ("Extras -> Report info"), use the indicator to mark the representative cost center as "representative value".
Note that at the time of maintaining the field "Representative value" the R/3 System will test only when set to "Master data check" whether the cost center exists in the controlling area.
4. Enter the cost center group for summarization.
5. Maintain the following settings:
6. Check whether the available standard summarization reports meet your requirements. The standard reports are found in the Cost Center Accounting report tree under "Other Reports".
To create a user-defined summarization report, see Custom Reports.

Note on transport

For the transport of summarizations, an individual function is available in the IMG under "Controlling: General".

Further notes

For more information, see the R/3 Library under "Controlling -> Cost Center Acocunting -> Cost Center Accounting Information System -> Summarization".

Information on representative cost centers is found under "Controlling -> Cost Center Accounting -> Cost Center Accounting System Administration -> Cost Centers and Cost Center Groups -> Representative Cost Centers".