Maintain Business Process Groups

In this IMG activity you create new business process groups or maintain existing groups.

You can combine similar business processes in groups. You can combine similar groups further into other groups, resulting in a business process hierarchy.

You use business process groups in:


Complete the IMG activity

Maintain Controlling Area.


1. Analyze the processes in your organization and derive the business processes and the business process structures from there.
2. Enter the group to be created or changed and choose "Enter".
3. In the structure screen, select the node from which the group is to be extended and choose "Same level" or "Lower level".
Data fields appear at the selected location in the tree structure.
4. Enter a name and a text for the new node.
5. Confirm by choosing "Accept changes".
6. To assign values to an end node, select the node and choose "Insert value".
Data fields appear in the tree structure.
7. Enter a "From" value and, if necessary, a "To" value.
8. Confirm by choosing "Accept changes".
The selected values appear together with the name.

Notes on Group Maintenance

Notes on Copying Groups

Note on transport

For the transport of settings for Activity Based Costing, an individual function is available in the IMG for "General Controlling".