Import Standard Reports

In this step you import SAP standard reports from 000, online or in background, to the client in which you're working.

You have the following import options:

Select the required standard reports from the list of all report groups offered.
Determine a time of low system use to create a background job for importing all reports.

Repeat the import of standard reports from client 000 after each update or new release.


Do not change the standard objects in the target client. Rather, use them as models for your own objects. This ensures that changes are not overwritten by the next transport of standard objects.

Standard settings

The standard R/3 System includes all default reports for the components.


1. To import only some of the reports:
a) Choose "Online".
b) Select the standard reports for the R/3 System to import.
c) Choose "Copy".
2. To import all reports:
a) Determine a time of low system use
b) Choose "Background"
c) Enter a job name
d) Transfer reports from the defaulted source client 000.
e) Enter the desired start time and date, or activate the "Start now" indicator to instantly begin the job.
The R/3 System plans the job and selects all available standard reports automatically.

Further notes

For more information, see the R/3 Library under "Controlling -> Activity-Based Costing -> Activity-Based Costing Information System -> Standard Reports", as well as "Extras -> Documentation" after executing the report.