Specify Report Languages

Report Writer can generate a report in several languages simultaneously. When generating a report group the SAP System adopts the language-dependent report sections, such as rows or column texts, in the languages set by you in the report. In addition, the logon language is taken into account. The reports can be processed only in these languages.

When you log onto the SAP System in one of these languages and execute a report, all available texts in the logon language will be shown.

Every language has a single letter abbreviation, such as:

The complete list is found in table T002. Use the transaction for table maintanance, SE16.


The settings you undertake here are valid for Report Writer in all clients.


You can enter up to 32 languages. As the report execution time increases with the number of languages entered, use only those languages you require.


1. Determine in which languages you need your reports.
2. Enter the desired language abbreviations one after the other, without a dash.