Maintain Libraries

In this step you can maintain previously defined libraries or create new ones. You must assign each report that you define to a library.

A library is a selection of characteristics, key figures, and predefined columns from the list of all options in the Report Writer table. In Overhead Cost Controlling, table CCSS is used.

Four screens are available for library maintenance:


Check whether the standard libraries satisfy your requirements. If not, proceed as follows:

1. Enter a name for the library and the name of the table to which the library is assigned.
2. To copy and change an existing library, enter the name of the reference library in the field of the same name.
3. Enter a description for your library.
4. Determine which key figures are to be used in the library.
5. Determine which characteristics are to be used in the library.
6. Determine which default columns are to be used in the library.

For steps 2 to 4, if necessary, enter the ranking order (position) in which the characteristics, default columns, and key figures are to appear in the selection lists of Report Painter.

Note on transport

To transport libraries, an independent function is available, Transport report writer objects , in the IMG for Financial Accounting under "Special Purpose Ledger -> Tools -> Transport".

Further notes

For more information, see the R/3 Library under "Financial Accounting -> Special Purpose Ledger -> Report Writer -> Libraries".