Import References

In this step you import standard SAP models for report rows or columns from client 000, online or in the background, to the client you are using.

Models are one-dimensional report modules in which complete row or column blocks are predefined, and which can be placed in reports during definition.

The following options are available:

You receive a list of all models. From the models offered, select those required for your information system.
Importing all models should be done during times of low system use using a background job.

After installing a new release or update, repeat the import of models from client 000 in order to access the changes.

Standard settings

The standard SAP System defaults all models.


1. To import only some of the models, proceed as follows:
a) Choose "Online".
b) Mark the models that the SAP System should import.
c) Choose "Copy".
2. To import all models, create a background job and schedule it as follows:
a) Choose "Background".
b) Enter a job name.
c) Keep the defaulted value "000" as source client.
d) Enter the desired start time and date, or use the indicator "Start now" to execute the job immediately.
The SAP System plans the job and automatically selects all existing models.

Further notes

For more information, see the R/3 Library under "Controlling -> Cost Center Accounting -> Cost Center Accounting Information System -> Define Reports -> Creating Reports with Report Painter".