Generate Reports

In this step you generate user-defined reports. If you created the reports in a different client, you must fist import them. Generation takes the report definition and turns it into an executable report in the information system.

The following generation options are available.

Using a list of all report groups, you select those needed for your information system.
To generate all reports, you should create a background job for times of low system use.


1. To generate only some reports, proceed as follows:
a) Enter one or more report groups to generate.
b) Use selection criteria to further delimit the reports to be generated.
c) Use "Program -> Execute".
d) Mark the report groups that the SAP System is to generate.
e) Use the function "Generate".
2. To generate all reports, create a background job by using "Program -> Execute in background".

Further notes

A report created with Report Painter is automatically generated when the report is started from report definition via "Report -> Execute". Here you assign a report to a report group.

In addition, you can generate report groups via the menu path "Report Painter -> Report Writer -> Execute report group".