Promotion category

Promotion categories enable you to classify promotions from a business point of view. Technically speaking, the promotion category is an attribute of the promotion type.


Your R/3 system is set as an

SAP Retail system.

Standard settings

In the standard system the promotion category is the same as the promotion type and is a classification characteristic in the information system. This allows promotions in the classification system to be indirectly classified according to promotion types. The individual customer can use the promotion category to create hierarchy levels and to group together promotion types. In practical terms this means that the same promotion category is stored for several promotion types and there is a separate information structure for promotions with the promotion type and category defined as characteristics (see also further notes).

The following entries are delivered in the standard system:


You must maintain precisely those promotion categories which you wish to create subsequently as promotion types. The text describing the type and category should be identical.


1. Maintain promotion categories

2. Maintain promotion types

Further notes

If you want to build up your own information structure with promotion types and promotion categories, you have to make the Promotion category field an input field when maintaining the promotion type.