Create condition table

In this step, you define the condition tables for condition records.

In a condition table, you specify the combination of fields for which you want to create condition records.


Your R/3 system is set as an

SAP Retail system.


The condition tables contained in the standard SAP version should not be changed. If you want to make changes, you should create new condition tables. To do this, copy a similar condition table that already exists and make the necessary changes.


1. Check to what extent you can use the condition tables in the standard SAP R/3 System for message control.
2. If you want to create a new condition table, proceed as follows:
Note that you can only choose names between 501 and 999.
3. Specify the condition tables in the access sequences (see the section "Access sequence").
In this way, you create the link between the condition, the access sequence and the condition record.