Access sequence

In this step, you define the access sequences .

The access sequence is a search strategy that the SAP System uses to find valid condition records.

The condition represents different messages in the SAP R/3 System such as quotations, order acknowledgments and delivery notes.

To define an access sequence you must make the following entries:

An alphanumeric key with a maximum of 4 characters which uniquely identifies the access sequence.
Text to describe the access sequence.
Module pool between N and Z to identify the program for accessing the condition records.
Consecutive number of the access within the access sequence.
Condition table which contains the key fields of the condition records.


Your R/3 system is set as an

SAP Retail system.



1. Check to what extent you can use the access sequences and conditions in the standard SAP version and to what extent these need to be changed.
2. Define and activate your access sequences for promotions.