Requirements for message types

In this step, you define requirements for message determination.

"FORM routine" here refers to a copying routine.
The routine checks whether certain requirements are fulfilled when copying one document into another.

The standard version of the SAP R/3 System contains some standard routines for checking requirements when copying. You can also define your own routines according to the requirements of your company.


Your R/3 system is set as an

SAP Retail system.


If, for example, you copy a quotation into a sales order, the system can check every quotation item to ensure that the customer did not reject it for some reason.


The system proposes a routine for checking the copying requirements depending on the type of the document to be copied. If you do not want to use the proposed routine, you have the following options:

Further notes

You can find the available routines in the SD Customizing menus by choosing "Transactions -> Document flow" and then selecting the documents that you want to work with.