Define approval levels for appropriation requests

In this step, you define the approval levels per appropriation request type. These approval levels are used in the approval process for appropriation requests. You can define any number of approval levels. The numerical key of the approval level determines its place in the sequence of the approval levels. The system goes through the approval levels sequentially based on their key, starting from the lowest numbers and increasing upward. The system initiates the first approval level (that has the lowest number key) after the appropriation request receives the "to be approved" status. After the last approval level is completed, the system sets the status to "approved."

In addition, you have to assign a partner function to each approval level. The partner function is responsible for approval at that level. You define the partner functions in the partner determination procedure of the appropriation request type. You can specify the actual users who fulfill these partner functions in the appropriation requests. The users defined as fulfilling the partner function receive the appropriation requests assigned to their approval level. They recieve the appropriation requests as workflow work items in their office inbox. They can approve or reject the appropriation requests there.


Standard settings

SAP supplies sample approval levels.


1. Select the appropriation request type you want to process.
2. Define the approval levels that the appropriation request type has to go through.
Assign the keys of the approval levels in increasing numerical order.
3. Assign a responsible partner function to each approval level.