Specify report selection

In this step, you define the standard report selection for appropriation requests. The report selection is a freely definable, hierarchical structure, with end-nodes representing the call-up of a report.

The system displays the most recently created report selection

as the standard report selection.

Standard settings

SAP provides the report selection IMFR as standard. This report selection contains all the relevant standard reports.

In general, it is not necessary to modify the standard report selection. You can define and display your own user-specific report selection, instead of the standard tree, in the report selection transaction in the application menu (under: Goto .)


1. Create your own report selection under Reporting tree -> Create (root nodes only).
2. Copy the report tree IMFR. You do this by calling the change transaction for the report tree IMFR, and then selecting the sub-tree you want to copy. Copy it to the clipboard (Copy to clipboard).
3. In the change transaction, choose Node -> Other tree and call up the new tree you created.
4. Insert the copied sub-tree into your report selection (Insert from clipboard)
5. Modify your report selection to meet your requirements (Edit):

Further notes

See the general information on defining report selection in the corresponding Customizing transaction under Utilities.