Set up logical system

The distribution of systems ( ALE ) makes it necessary to be able to identify every system individually within a network. The "logical system" is used to do this.

A logical system is an application system within which the applications are coordinated to work in one database. In the SAP sense of the word, a logical system corresponds to a client.

In the following steps, you must define every client as a logical system by first of al defining logical systems and then assigning the clients in question to the corresponding logical systems.


Assignments must be unique (that is, a client may only be assigned to one logical system.

Several clients must never be assigned to the same logical system.

The same applies to pre-production systems and production systems: the pre-productive system must be assigned to a different logical system than the productive system.

Standard settings

The name range "SUB*" is reserved for logical subsystems with no cross-application effect.


Ensure that the assignment of IDs with the authorization to maintain logical systems is monitored (that is, only one person should have authorization to do this).