PDC interface program (transceiver) installation

If external subsystems are to use the PDC interface to communicate with the SAP modules HR, PP, PM, PS and the Kanban system, install the following PDC interface programs (transceiver modules):

An R/3 Gateway controls communication between these programs and R/3. For further information on data structure and content, see the documentation "PDC Interface Release 3.0".


1. Create a home directory for the programs. You can choose any name you like.
All data is then stored in this directory or subdirectories of this home directory.
2. Copy the programs codnld and coupld to the home directory you created.


Data Transfer R/3 -> Subsystem

The program codnld is always started from the R/3 System using ALE. The user under whose name the SAP Gateway runs must have full access authorization for this home directory.

A minimum of four parameters must be transferred when codnld is started using a shellscript.
UNIX ksh-skript
codnld $1 $2 $3 $4
Data Transfer Subsystem -> R/3