Collect instance logs with different numbers

If the application servers in your SAP System have differing SAP System numbers, then the system log may not collect all local system logs in the central system log.

To ensure that central log includes all local log messages, check that the values of the following parameters are the same for all instances of the SAP System:

To ensure that the values are uniform, set the parameters in the default system profile, DEFAULT.PFL.

If the values are not uniform, then the local system logs of servers that have different numbers than the central database server are not included in the central log file.

You can verify that the parameter settings are correct by doing the following:

The SAP System Number

The number is defined in the variable SAPSYSTEM in the system and start-up profiles and appears in SAP instance names.

Normally, all application servers of an SAP System have the same SAP number. Servers must have different numbers only if two servers that belong to the same SAP System are to run in the same host. In this case, the number is used to differentiate between the servers.

Example: hs1044_C11_17, where hs1044 is the host name, C11 is the SAP System name, and 17 is the SAP System number. Another C11 application server in hs1044 must have a different SAP System number.