Install server

The SAP communications server (SAPcomm) is used to transmit documents between several SAP Systems or between SAP Systems and external systems.

SAPcomm exists only once in the SAP network, regardless of how many SAP Systems (e.g. P11, T11 or C11) are operated.

On the CD, the SAPcomm software (profiles and executables) is contained in the file SAPCOMM.Z
The following directories are created when installing SAPcomm:
The following users and groups are created for SAPcomm:
The user created is authorized to:
The following line is entered in the UNIX file /etc/services during installation:

sapgw98 3298/tcp


15 MB is needed for the SAPcomm software. An initial amount of approx. 35 MB is required for the data. Whether this amount is sufficient or will soon have to be increased depends on the data of the individual customer.


1. Log on to the machine at the UNIX level as user "root".
The machine must meet the following requirements:
a) CD disk drive connected
b) Write access to directory /usr/sap/trans (local or by NFS) must be available
2. Insert the CD SAP KERNEL in the CD drive.
3. Mount the CD.
In the R/3 Installation Guidelines, you will find a detailed description of the necessary OS-specific commands.
4. Branch to the installation work directory, e.g. with:
cd /tmp/install
5. Start R3INST from the CD, e.g with the command:
6. Choose TOOLS -> Install SAPcomm Software .
The installation is carried out automatically.

Additional Information

For more information on SAPcomm, refer to the manual for the SAP Communications Server.