Define which component-specific patch types to use

In this section you define which component-specific patch types you will import and use.
All clients are affected.


Check whether you want to use the component-specific patch types shown in the table, and set the indicators accordingly. The SAP Patch Manager (SPAM) checks the settings in this table and permits or disallows import of the various patch types, as the case may be. The entries in the table as set by SAP, you can only set the import indicator. Your decision here can have far-reaching effects and may be irreversable once the first patch has been imported, so any changes should be made by or in consultation with the responsible person in your enterprise. There is an authorization object (S_PTCH_ADM) that is required to maintain this table.
There is more information on each patch type to support your decision.


You have agreed with the responsible person in your enterprise that you wish to use patch type 'LCP' (Legal Change Patch) in component 'SAP_HR' (Human Resources), and you set its indicator in the table accordingly. This patch type already includes Hot Packages (patch type HOT), so when you set the import indicator, you not only permit the import of legal change patches in the Human Resources component, you also disallow future imports of Hot Packages. Having set the indicator, you can import LCPs with the Patch Manager and use what is supplied under this patch type. Once you have imported the first LCP patch for the SAP_HR component, you cannot reverse this decision.