Basic Pay


Basic pay, which constitutes fixed elements within payroll accounting, has the following characteristics:


You maintain basic pay data using Infotype 0008. Although you can use the menu to maintain basic pay, we recommend that you perform a personnel event instead as this is the only way to ensure that a history of basic pay data is saved.

You set up the contract type (subtype) automatically depending on the personnel event that you perform. You can maintain basic pay data using the following standard events:

The data record last valid on the date of termination is delimited in the background.

You can change basic pay data or assign an employee to a new pay scale structure manually, although we recommend that you use the appropriate personnel event. We also recommend that you change data automatically, unless an individual adjustment is the only requirement.

In two out of three instances, when you change data automatically, the result is the same as when you change data manually because the program records the changes in Infotype 0000 Events. You can use the following tools to perform an automatic adjustment:

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